Industry Solutions

SAP heeft voor een aantal bedrijfstakken oplossingen gemaakt. Hieronder de engelse namen


Aerospace and Defence - including MRO and airline regulations ... [1] Automotive - including OEM's, aftermarket, sales and service ... [2] Banking - including customer account, profitability and risk management ... [3] Chemicals - including unit, campaign, recipe and batch management ... [4] Consumer Products - including trade promotions, category mgt, mobile and internet sales ... [5] Engineering and Construction - including machinery, equip, contracting and engineering ... [6] Financial Service Provider - from deal capture through risk and performance analysis ... [7] Healthcare - including patient care, bed assignments and treatment strategies ... [8] Higher Education and Research - including students, grants and budgets ... [9] High Tech - including OEM, VAR, Contract Management ... [10] Insurance - including policies, collections, claims and disbursements ... [11] Media - including advertising, media PLM and managing intellectual property ... [12] Mill Products - including supply network, delivery schedules and collaborative distribution ... [13] Mining - including EH&S, bulk material pricing and asset management ... [14] Oil and Gas - including the entire value chain from wellhead to retail station ... [15] Pharmaceuticals - including electronic signature, batch controls and recipe management ... [16] Public Sector - including records mgt, constituent's accounts and grant's management ... [17] Retail - including strategic partnerships, multiple sales channels and workforce mgt ... [18] Service Providers - from first customer contact to billing, and performance analysis ... [19] Telecommunications - including contract accounting and convergent invoicing ... [20] Utilities - including FERC regulations, load profiling and call centre management ...[21]

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