SAP Banking Dit is een van de Industry solutions van SAP.


SAP Banking is verdeeld in 3 hoofdprocessen namelijk

  • Transactional Banking
  • Financial and Risk Management
  • Customer relationship Management

Transactional BankingEdit

Naast de standaard onderdelen heb je hier:

  • Loans Management – (leningen)
  • Deposits Management
  • Collateral Management
  • Bank Analyser

Financial and Risk ManagementEdit

Integrated accounting With integrated accounting solutions that eliminate the need for manual processes to reconcile financial reporting across divisions, your chief financial officer can confidently deliver timely and accurate financial reports that are automatically reconciled with internal management reporting.

Risk and compliance management – SAP solutions help you manage complex compliance activities, simplifying the tasks of providing detailed information about business structures and key performance indicators (KPIs). You can also gain the trust of customers, regulators, and shareholders by managing risk in a prudent manner and targeting attractive markets based on risk-adjusted profitability decisions

Enterprise performance management – SAP BusinessObjects enterprise performance management solutions give your chief executive officer, chief financial officer, and executive management insight into the execution of your strategic plan –�and the ability to take corrective action based on KPIs to meet corporate objectives.

Customer Relationship ManagementEdit





*SAP Leasing

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